While exploring new ways to recycle porcelain waste Ineke created a collection of vases and wall objects, inspired by stucco techniques.⁠

Every type of production creates waste. With slipcasting we create “trimmings”; the residue from cutting the edges. With this project I am cleaning up our own mess, trying to become a zero-waste company.

In 2012 Ineke graduated with a collection called Porcelain+. She created new colours and textures by mixing different metals and recycled glass through porcelain slip. The trimmings weren’t suitable for recycling into new slip because the oxides affected the behaviour of the clay. Ineke decided to save the trimmings for later. Now these trimmings get turned into beautiful sculptures and wall objects.

The collection contains 4 basic shapes: a small circle and square, a big circle and oval. All items are decorated uniquely by hand.

  • Since 2020
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